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Solar Power

In this small corner of our infinite Universe exists our home solar system. It revolves around our most precious resource; The Sun. While being a relatively small star by galactic standards our Sun is quite huge to us. It takes up over 99% of the mass in our system! Like all stars, it is an amazing display of raw and fearsome power. Its power, however, is at present, only used to its full potential by plants and other living things.

All living things need the Sun’s power to live and grow, even us! Our body’s absorb and convert sunlight into energy much like plants do through photosynthesis, and so do all other animals. The Sun is an almost infinite source of power that can renew daily. It will be many billion years before it’s power is used up and we will be able to use it until then. But this great resource is only being used to half of its potential!



At present our solar science is capable of converting a good amount of this solar energy into power for our needs, but we are far behind the times in using it. For many reasons, people still get all their power from earth resources that are finite. This is not only harmful to the planet but also a foolish waste of such tiny power. In fact, these resources are only capable of power because of our sun! Petroleum, coal, gas and even nuclear power all owe their strength to the sun. It was the millions of years of sun energy that made oil and coal in the first place, as well as the radioactive metals that produce nuclear fusion. The Sun itself is simply a mega large nuclear reaction, but far enough away from us that it is of no harm. It really is an amazing and wonderful convenience and should be used to its full potential by us if we hope to be a lasting civilization.


As you read and educate yourself here at solar power information you will begin to realize just how great solar power is. The science is still in its early stages but even now it is worth it to invest in solar power. The technology will only get better and more efficient and will cost less and less, while on the other hand fuels with a finite source will get more and more expensive. In the near future all humankind will be forced into using an alternate source of power. So to educate yourself now and be part of a movement that saves our planet is not only the right thing to do but it is the smart thing to do. Even if you decide not to invest in a home solar energy system you will know what you need to know when you actually can afford or are willing to afford one. That’s why on this site we have so much information on not only home systems but also low cost solar powered gadgets that you can use to lower your energy costs and help the environment and solar news that will keep you up to date on new advancements in solar power production. This way you know what is going on with solar energy science and can make your investment decisions based on what you think is significant.

The types of Solar Power

There are a few types of ways in which we harness solar energy to work for us. These are explained in detail in their categories here on solar power information but here is a quick overview of the main ones.

  • Solar photovoltaic power. Solar photovoltaic power is what is used to convert the suns rays into electricity through the use of solar panels. Solar energy is generated dependant on the amount of Sun the area receives. This is the most common of all the solar energy utilizations.
  • Solar thermal energy. Solar thermal energy uses the Sun’s rays to heat our homes and water as opposed to using oil and gas to heat our homes and water. It uses solar thermal collectors to collect heat energy and disperse it through the water in our heating and plumbing systems. This form of solar power use is relatively cheap and a great way to help our environment.
  • Passive solar energy. Passive solar energy is simply the heating of a home or building through architectural design. Window placement and sunroom design that without any need for a collector of any kind warms the area.

About Energy in our world

At present in our world we use forms of energy that not only pollute our environment but also are dangerous and limited. These energy sources are outdated and primitive, they do more harm than good and they are forced upon us due to special interests. It is long past due that as a species we change how we power our lives, or the cost will be far greater than we can imagine. Generating electricity the old fashioned way is as simple as spinning a turbine of copper wire around a magnet. This is mainly done with steam and even nuclear power, which is shrouded in mystery to most people and seems “high tech”, is simply heating water to spin a turbine. Sadly these methods of generating electricity produce more waste than energy and are dangerous and complicated. To simply focus suns light through glass to heat water turning it into steam would produce zero waste or pollution and would be just as effective at spinning the turbines. It is a sad fact that this is not the dominant way Energy Company’s produce our power.

  • Coal power plants. Coal power plants burn the highly toxic substance coal in order to heat water that turns to steam and is pressurized and focused in order to spin huge electricity generating turbines. This is the oldest method of generating electricity and still widely used today.
  • Natural gas power plants. Natural gas power plants use two different methods to spin the electricity generating turbines. They heat water with the burning gas much like coal power plants do and they also pressurize the natural gas to spin the turbines. Most of the time both processes are combined. Natural gas is not as bad as coal but it must be refined and is still toxic, so don’t let the word “natural” fool you into thinking it is environmentally safe!
  • Hydroelectric power plants. Hydroelectric power plants are by far the least polluting forms of generating power, but they are few and far in between. They also require dams and such to be built that impede the natural order of their immediate environment. Again, an old form of power generation, but at least not that much of a harmful one. If only these were more abundant than gas and coal.
  • Nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants are a mystery to most people. They are said to be cutting edge, clean and safe. However, this is not true, they make use of nuclear fusion from radioactive materials to make steam and spin turbines. The same archaic way all other energy plants work but just with a different fuel source. The fusion process that generates this heat leaves behind enormous amounts of toxic waste material that nobody knows how to properly dispose of! These different materials have a typical half-life of 100 to over 2000 years! Trust in the fact that nuclear power is not as clean and safe as you are led to believe.
nuclear waste

deadly nuclear waste

Why solar power?

The advantages of solar power are numerous:

The Environment: Solar power is completely emission-free. A 1-kilowatt peak solar PV system can save up to 992lbs of emitted CO2 each year. Solar power is also completely silent.

Your finances: By using solar power, you are effectively insuring yourself against rising gas and energy prices. The higher the energy price, the faster you redeem your investment. Through net metering, your electric meter will turn backwards if your PV system provides more power than you use at any given time, actually putting money in your pocket.

Politics: Countries with nefarious and corrupt leadership control the majority of the world’s oil and gas reserves. By reducing oil consumption, you are reducing the income and influence of these tyrants.

Home value: Solar panels are a valued amenity. The increase in home value might well be higher than the price you pay for the installation!

Independence: In the event of a massive grid failure, you can always consider hooking up your PV system to a set of batteries. In the case of solar water heating, you will have a limited supply of warm water even if the gas supply is interrupted.

Do you see a need for alternative energy sources?

So now that you have a little background info on what the problem is and why it exists will you still continue to throw away your money to kill the planet and your future generations? I know that sounds harsh and extreme but it is the truth. Just because it is not happening immediately does not mean things are fine. The benefits of alternate energy greatly outweigh the negatives.


At present the only downside to solar power is the initial investment and as more and more people convert to solar use the cost will go down and the efficiency will go up. Looking into wind energy is worth your time as well and it is a little more cost effective than solar energy but usable in less areas. Just always keep an open mind and educate yourself as much as possible. There is so much going on in alternative energy science every day.


So if we educate ourselves with solar energy information that is available to us, and keep up to date on new solar advancements that science makes, we will all begin to convert and save our planet. I hope you find this solar power information site informative and helpful in your decisions about solar energy, and hope you recommend it to your family and friends. Spreading the word about solar energy is a good way to help the environment that cost’s you nothing.


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